Prima Klima Activated carbon air filter Industry K1616 400mm 3500-4500m³/h

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Flange: 400mm
Length: 1000mm w/o flange
Diameter: 600mm
Max Airflow: 4500m³/h
Optimal Airflow: 3500m³/h
Incl. pre-filter: K1716
Weight: 40.5Kg
Activated carbon: CTC80-3mm 25.9Kg
Pallet Quantity: 2 pcs.
The Prima Klima Industry Line premium carbon filters are characterised by a remarkably high durability and an incomparable odour adsorption. The filters are refillable and have a 4cm deep bed of first quality, highly activated CTC80-3mm carbon with a active surface area of >1200m²/g. This ensures an exceptionally long contact time between air and carbon, which is highly effective for removing odours. High-quality metal press parts provide maximum stability and durability. The extra-long flange provides a secure connection.
Recommended ventilator: PK355/400, PK400/450

- High durability
- Effective particle adsorption and odour removal
- 4cm deep bed of highly activated carbon
- Optimal contact time
- Refillable
- High quality metal parts
- With pre-filter against dust

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