Lucilu Shuttle6 240W LED dimmable

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The new LED under Prima Klima brand hits the shelves. The LED is meant for 120 cm x 75 cm grow area. For an area of 120 x 120 cm it is recommended to place two Lucilu Shuttle 6 LED grow lights.

The light spectrum is optimized for fruit growing using plant cuttings or seeds.
The basic rule is: The higher the temperature at which electronic components operate, the shorter their service life. Therefore, in order to create optimal conditions for your lights and plants, we recommend to ventilate the cooling elements with a light airflow, e.g. by means of a ventilator. This can reduce the temperature of the cooling elements by up to 15°C. Ambient temperatures of approx. 17 to 23°C are ideal for the operation, temperatures above 28°C should be avoided, since the plants also stop growing at 30-32°C.

In order to be able to enforce the 3-year warranty, you must register your device or have the warranty card stamped by the dealer with the date of purchase and present it in case of a warranty claim.

In the dimmable version of Lucilu Shuttle 6, the power can be adjusted from 10% to 100% with a controller (potentiometer). The distance between the LED lights and the highest plant shoot should not be less than 40 cm at 100% power, since otherwise – depending on the plant variety – the radiation potential may be too high. If the light power is reduced (e.g. by setting the controller at 30%), the distance can be reduced accordingly.

The processed components come from well-known manufacturers such as OSRAM and LUMILEDS.

Technical data
Technical data   Technical data of lighting  
Input voltage 220-240 V  PPF

552 μmol/s

Energy consumption 1,15 A Light efficiency

> 2.3 μmol/J 

Input 240 W Light Source


Protection - dimmable 
Light angle


Weight 5,5 kg    
Power factor 0,95 Operating temperature 

-20°C to +40°C 

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