Sylvania Gro-Lux linear LED 6x

SKU: 20-011



With 396W consumption and 1080μmol output the Sylvania Gro-Lux LED is the most advanced and best passively cooled system on the market. With this output the Gro-Lux LED is able to fully replace a 600W 400V EL HID system while saving more than 33% of energy costs. The fixture is completely passivley cooled and therefor waterproof and totally silent. The modules of the LED offer a beam angle of 120° to ensure great uniformity and deep
penetration of the plant. You get full flexibility with the modular System. Give your plants the light they need by matching the spectrum or use the modules individually for vertical farming. The modularity also guarantees future updatability. The Gro-Lux LED offers a full solution from start to finish. Simply use one fixture for all purposes and adjust it to fulfill your needs.

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