Taifun LED Sunblast Plug 26W Bloom

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The ready-to-plug-in Taifun LED complete light with a light color of 2700 Kelvin is suitable for the flowering phases of plants of any size.
The light color 2700 K corresponds to a color rendering in the red-orange spectrum. (Blooming light)
The Taifun Sunblast LED 26W corresponds to the light output of a TC-L neon tube with 55W. This is an impressive power saving of around 50%.
Technical specifications:
Taifun TC-L LED illuminant
Power: 26 W
Light color: 2700 K (flower)
Plug and play
Luminous flux: 1800 lumens
Luminous efficiency: ~ 67 Lm / W
Length: 53.5 cm

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