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Ionite nutrient substrate ZION UNIVERSAL provides intensive growth of plants, development of a strong root system, increases the yield of green, vegetable and fruit crops, reduces the time of ripening. Promotes early and long-term flowering of garden flowers. ZION can be used both independently and in the form of small corrective additives to any bases (depleted and degraded soils, sand, perlite, vermiculite, unbalanced soil of any composition, etc.).
  • Ideal for growing seedlings.
  • It contains 60 times more nutrients than the most fertile soil.
  • Environmentally friendly. It is not a mineral fertilizer, does not contain hormones and growth accelerators.
  • Promotes adaptation and survival of plants after transplantation.
  • Productive for up to 3 years.
  • Recommended for direct contact with the root system.
  • The optimal ratio of nutrients for the harmonious growth and flowering of garden and indoor plants
How to use
Mix the ion exchange substrate ZION with the soil, plant the plant, water it. The recommended ratio: 1 tablespoon of substrate (30 g) per 1 liter of soil. There are no restrictions on the amount of substrate applied. Adding more substrate will only improve its efficiency and extend the useful life.

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